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         Located in the heart of Northeast Oregon's Blue Mountains, the Bear Wallow Publishing Company is noted not only for its quality printing of early-day aviation and Western Americana, but also for its unique style of artfully blending photo imagery and original art with storyline to bring history alive and suitable for readers of all ages. We also take great pride in producing books that are 100% American Made -- from materials and printing, to our packaing for shipment --all are Made in the USA.
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         As publishers, we have not been very prolific, but we have treated every endeavor as a fine work of art, finely crafting each element of production before releasing a title as a limited edition to be treasured by collectors and lovers of fine books alike. From the early years, our subject matter centered around the rich heritage of the American West; but, then deviated a bit to commemorate a new era of pioneers with release of Avian Dreamers as a tribute to the adventurous men and women who awed crowds with their chilling performances of exhibition flying, barnstorming, stunt flying, speed racing, and global journeys which opened the door to a new era of travel. The remarkable personal stories of these aviation pioneers, richly blended with historic photo images and original artwork, span the Glory Years of Flight, a rare treat for anyone who loves great adventure or thrills to the freedom of the open skyway.

        To preview our author-signed limited editions from the Bear Wallow Collection, as well as to take advantage of our 25 - 40% Publisher-Direct Savings, plus Free Shipping, we invite you to peruse our website by clicking on the page links of interest below. For previewing Gildemeister's photo imagery or more information about our photography, photo restoration, design, and publishing services, please link to our related site at:

          Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy your journey to the Bear Wallow home of fine publishing.

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