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Avian Dreamers
by Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-07-4 -- $45.00
(240 pages, edition bound, 8-1/2" x 11" in size)
Web Special (save 40%) -- $27.00
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        From the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk to the Glory Years of the 1930s, soar back in time with the exhibition pilots, army flyers, barnstormers, racers, and acrobatic daredevils. Their personal stories along with historic photo images, plus original artwork by Tim Larson capture the fabulous history of early-day flight in America.
        This handsome volume, crafted with over ninety illustrations blended with real life stories and biographical sketches, is an author-signed limited edition printing created as a lasting tribute to the men and women who pioneered the skies.

Around the Cat's Back
by Jerry Gildemeister & Don Gray
isbn 0-936376-06-6 -- $32.50
(128 pages, edition bound, 8" x 11" in size
Web Special (save 40%) -- $19.50
        An elegant blend of story and illustration developed from a diary and childhood memories of Caroline and Daisy Wasson, two sisters who grew
up on a homestead in the mountain country of Northeast Oregon.
       Artwork by Don Gray along with Gildemeister's photographic imagery mirror the realism of the Wasson family life which centered around the Cat's Back, a high ridge far removed from the comforts of civilization. This author-signed limited edition printing is illustrated with 18 color plates and 28 black & white images.
An American Vignette
by Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-05-8 -- $29.50
(192 pages, edition bound, 9" x 8" in size)
Web Special (save 40%) -- $17.70
        Journey back to epic times on the Western Frontier. Meet a myriad of souls who tilled the soil, freighted the goods, tended the stock, and built the towns. It is unlikely that you will recognize their names, as they were never immortalized in history books, being just ordinary folk who struggled to make a life for themselves in the vast region between the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast. But, they all were part of the epic movement that made the West what it was, for where else on earth could such a varied lot pack their possessions across thousands of miles to pursue their dreams of a better life?
        In this author-signed limited edition printing, thirty-five stories ranging from the humorous to the tragic are blended with over seventy black and white photographs to take you back for a look at early-day life in the American West.
A Letter Home
by Jerry Gildemeister & Don Gray
isbn 0-936376-04-X -- $24.50
(120 pages, edition bound, 9" x 8" in size)
Web Special (save 25%) -- $ 18.00
        On the Oregon Trail, Lucia William's letter opens with the tragic death of her young son, and goes on to describe the family's trek westward in search of a new life in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Don Gray's artwork illustrates Lucia's letter, and Gildemeister's photography and narrative, along with diary entries of E.W. Conyers and Ezra Meeker, both of whom traveled the trail in 1852, define the struggles and hardships that other covered wagon pioneers endured during their 2000 mile journey over wild and desolate, but unrelentingly beautiful, country beset with untold dangers.
         Illustrated with forty-five historic photographs, a detailed map, original artwork, and photographic views along the Oregon Trail, A Letter Home is offered as an author-signed limited edition printing.
Where Rolls the Oregon
by Rick Steber & Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-03-1 -- $42.50
Web Special (save 25%) -- $ 31.50
         From discovery of the Great River of the West in 1792 through Oregon Trail times in the 1840s, this author-signed, beaver embossed bonded-leather limited edition memorizes the colorful history of the expansive Oregon Country, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Writer Rick Steber introduces the explorers, traders, trappers, missionaries, and pioneers who opened the country to white settlement, and lets them speak in their own words which were taken from original logs and journals.
         To represent the country with the same awe and wonderment that the first trackers and settlers must have felt so many years ago, Gildemeister sets the mood visually with over eighty color photographs taken during his two-years of tracing the footsteps of these early-day travelers. Detailed maps, historic etchings, a chronological history, and biographical sketches fill out this elegant volume of the American West.
by Rick Steber, Don Gray, & Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-01-5 -- Sold Out
(208 pages, edition bound, 9" x 12" in size)
        The final days of the Oregon Trail . . . . .the last still-living pioneers recall firsthand their travels over the longest emigrant road in history.Writer Rick Steber, artist Don Gray, and photographer Jerry Gildemeister once again combine talents to create a very special tribute to the covered wagon pioneers who traveled 2000 miles over the long dusty road. This author-signed limited edition printing has been sold out since the year following its release in 1980, and now is in the rare book realm.
by Rick Steber, Don Gray & Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-01-5 -- Sold Out
(178 pages, edition bound, 9"x 12" in size)
        The Bear Wallow's first endeavor of preserving our Western Heritage through an artistic design of blending the original artwork of Don Gray and the photographic imagery of Jerry Gildemeister with Rick Steber's writing to create an elegant collector's limited edition printing which is personally signed by the three authors.
        In Rendezvous, the mountain men return to swap stories with time. They have their chance to speak and then sit back and listen to the stories of what living and dying will be like as the white man moves in for keeps.
So pull up a log to the fire, or cozy down in a comfortable chair to absorb the tales of Northeast Oregon.
        Both the first limited edition and second printings, illustrated with one hundred images of original art and photography, have been sold out and now are in the collector's rare book realm.
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