Rare Books
from the
Bear Wallow Heritage Collection

       To enhance the collection value of Bear Wallow books, each title has been offered in a limited edition printing, with 1500 copies numbered, and the entire edition signed by the authors.
       To assure that all numbered copies were fairly available to book lovers and collectors, a limited number of each title was designated on the book endsheet as 'Author' or 'Artist Edition' for author use or presentation to those special people who shared their stories with us or otherwise assisted us in the production.
       Both Rendezvous and Traces are out of print and have entered the rare book market, but here at the Bear Wallow we do have a few copies available for collectors of the rare and unusual, or for those book lovers who wish to treat someone special (including themselves) to a very fine gift that will last for generations to come. Of course, titles still in print may be purchased direct from the Bear Wallow at very special website prices. Please see our Order Form link below for savings and ordering instructions.
Rare Books available from the Bear Wallow Collection
by Rick Steber, Don Gray, & Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-01-5
(published at $29.50)
       Occasionally, a copy does surface on the used and rare book maket with prices ranging many times the published price of $29.50. We do have a very limited quantity of 'Artist Edition' from the first printing in mint condition for $150.00, plus a few copies of the 'Northwest Edition' (second printing in 1978) available in mint condition for $ 100.00. Occasionally we have connections for obtaining used books in good condition. please inquire about availability and price.

by Rick Steber, Don Gray, and Jerry Gildemeister
isbn 0-936376-02-3
(published at $38.50)
      The entire edition of Traces sold out in less than a year after publication in 1980, and has since commanded prices in the hundreds of dollars on the used-book market. We do have a copy in mint condition available for $ 650 for collectors and book lovers who must have one for their library or collection. Like Rendezvous, we occasionally have connections to obtain a copy in very good condition. If this is of interest to you, please contact us for availability and details.
Complete Set of Bear Wallow Heritage Collection
in Mint Condition for the Collector of fine books
      For collectors of fine books who missed out on our release of limited editions, we do have a complete set of all seven titles available in mint condition for $1200, all signed by the author(s). Please contact us for details or more information: (541) 962-7864 or e-mail us at:



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