Bear Wallow Testimonials

          Over the years, the Bear Wallow has been honored with a faithful following of book lovers around the nation. Here is but a small sampling of what some of them have to say:
"Books from the Bear Wallow Publishing Company have a comfortable feel to them . . . Maybe it has to do with promise. Some publishers promise, others deliver, and sometimes there are those who do both consistantly. . . . . Readers familiar with Bear Wallow's first two books (Rendezvous and Traces) will be more than pleased with Where Rolls the Oregon, the most ambitious - and beautiful effort yet by Jerry and Cathy Gildemeister. . . . ."
        Paul Pintarich - The Oregonian

"Your publication of Avian Dreamers is outstanding, it will be a great addition to the collection of our other aviation items collected. I was most impressed with your package to protect the product, showing care after it leaves your control."
          J.M.C - Fullerton, California

"Dear Friends at the Bear Wallow -- I received your notice of a new book -- with delight. All of your books are fantastic -- and now -- a book my husband will love . He was a pilot in WWII -- and has a great many books about planes -- and now I shall be so proud to add this one to his library!!"          J.B. -- Pleasant Hill, Oregon

"This Christmas I purchased two copies of your book, Avian Dreamers, from the Aviation Bookstore here in Burbank, California. One was a Christmas present for my father, the other an aid for me in my genealogical research. First, I must tell you how much my dad enjoyed your book. Not only is it informative, it is a work of art in its presentation. My dad is 76, a former pilot, and pretty much housebound by a stroke, so you can imagine the pleasure it gave him to read it."      
 K.L.C. - Burbank, California

"Your books are great. I ordered a couple of copies of Avian Dreamers last year and I'm now ready for some others."      R.R. -- Lake Oswego, Oregon

"While visiting Hood River, Oregon I purchased your book Around the Cat's Back.I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that book. It certainly is one to treasure and I will read it to my granddaughters when they are older."
          C.D.W. -- Bristol, Rhode Island

"I received my copy of An American Vignette. It is especially well done!! Thank you -- please send me 3 copies to the California address.
           C.W.D -- Boise, Idaho

"I have gotten all of your books, An American Vignette, Traces, A Letter Home, and Where Rolls the Oregon, for gifts for my daughter, Kathryn. She has collected books, old and new, about Oregon, for the past 15 years; but her most treasured ones are the ones from the Bear Wallow."
           M.K. -- Gridley, California

"I must take the time out to express my appreciation for your absolutely beautiful writing and art work in A Letter Home. I am a school librarian and consider this book a work of art in both its text and illustration."
     Mrs. L.S. -- Dillard, Oregon

". . . . . how absolutely beautiful is this edition (Where Rolls the Oregon). I know Larry will treasure this, as he has the other two, and they will be passed on to our children some day as a treasure for them. Thank you so much for all your dedication in making history come alive and for sharing this with us."
          Z.O. -- Newport, Oregon

"I certainly enjoyed your magnificient book Traces. So much so that I sent one to a very dear friend of mine and, in his letters to me, he is tremendously impressed by the whole composition, the writing, the photography, and the artistry which is all magnificient to say the least. It is thoroughly well done from cover to cover." 
       B.W. -- Sharon, Connecticut

"Rendezvous turned out to be more than an ordinary book, it is an innovation -- a new and effective way to present Western history by blending of story telling, photography, paintings, and pen and charcoal drawings."           Alan Pritchard -- The Sacramento Bee

"Your book Rendezvous is superb! We're especially impressed with your style in capturing the true essence of that time and place; the originality and the quality of the artwork; and the beauty and grandeur of the photography. The quality of your work is excellent throughout. Please send us three more copies if they are still available. Thanks again for your efforts in creating this prized keepsake."
             I.Z. -- Elk Grove, California

The limited edition printings of Rendezvous and Traces now are sold out and have entered the collector's realm of rare books , but other titles in Bear Wallow's Heritage Collection still are available, and at very special introductory website prices. Please see our order form for details.

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